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UU Game Booster is a boosting service dedicated to providing lightning-fast, stable connections for players worldwide. Over the past decade, it has proven to be the best available boosting service on the market, providing the lowest latency connection and solving network connection issues for over 1 billion users.

● Support 3000+ Mobile Game
If you could think of it—we have it! We offer ultra-fast connections to popular mobile games, including PUBG, Marvel Super War, Identity V, LifeAfter, and many more!

● Lag-free Performance
Improvements that you can see and feel! UU Game Booster's smart routing system prevents disconnections, lags, and high latency!

● Stable Connection
We offer exclusive nodes across the world to provide the fastest connection available!

● Patented Technology
Dual Assurance Mode: Connect both Wi-Fi and Cellular networks for optimal network stability.
Multipath Connection: Switch between the best nodes for the fastest connection possible.

● Quality Guaranteed
NetEase is a leading internet/tech company with 20 years of experience under its belt!

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