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This is an animal simulation game created by VDimension. It challenges you to customize beasts and equip them with features that will enable them to annihilate their adversaries.

When you download Animal Revolt Battle Simulator for Android, the first thing you’ll notice is its user-friendly interface. You’ll be able to select and merge different features, making your monsters/beasts super powerful.

Additionally, the game has simple and intuitive controls! You’ll require no prior experience whatsoever to enjoy the gameplay. If you’re ready to showcase your creativity and create an unbeatable army of beasts, then get the game today!

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Download 

This game is available in Google Play Store. However, you should ensure that you have adequate space on your phone (146M) and that your device operates on Android 4.4 and up.

Once you’re sure of this, you should head to Google Play Store and type “Animal Revolt Battle Simulator”. Once you get results, you should click on the download option.

Thereafter, you’ll be prompted to install the game. After the installation, you’ll be free to access the dashboard and start the gameplay!

Thrilling Gameplay 

This game offers a thrilling yet horrifying gaming experience. While you’ll be happy to create unbeatable animals, you can be sure that the encounter will be blood-curdling. You’ll watch as your beasts either crush or are crushed by the opponents.

Nevertheless, the gameplay is fun and you’ll never get bored! When you join, you’ll start with simpler levels characterized by not so ferocious battles. However, the gameplay becomes complicated as you continue!

Your primary role will be to place two armies on the opposing sides and lead your camp to victory. Each army will comprise different types of beasts that are customizable. You can add all the features you want to give your camp a competitive edge.

During each session, you’ll witness the destruction. Limbs will be broken, necks will be twisted, and bodies will be crushed. You’ll watch debris and body parts flying all over the air.

Always target to be on the winning side!

Each time you win, you’ll receive bonuses that will enable you to create better creatures. You’ll have more access to Animal Revolt Battle Simulator new units, thus making the gameplay more exciting.

A Wide Variety of Creatures 

The game offers a lot of creatures that you can use to create your army. Some of the most common ones include rhinoceros, tiger, spinosaurus, werewolf, triceratops, bear, Minotaur, elephant, giant crocodiles, hydra, hellhound, skeleton warriors, archer, wyvern, Spartan warrior, Titanoboa, and giant insects.

You’ll also have access to huge animals that will be undefeatable and fierce. However, you’ll need to earn them! Ensure that you collect as many treasures as you can to unlock these super-powerful creatures. They include demonic monsters, dinosaurs, mutant pirates, and fantasy creatures.

Even better, you can make improvements to all your beasts. Adding extra features will give you an advantage over your competitors, thus increasing your chances of winning.

Other accessories that will come in handy in this gameplay include rocket launchers, T-Rex, crossbows, and guns. You should ensure that you use them to ambush your adversaries and neutralize their attack.

Straightforward Customization 

This thrilling game has a simple customization interface. You’ll be required to improve the creatures by adding more features such as wings and arms. On the other hand, you can choose to remove some features such as scales and ridges on the body.

Each time you apply changes, you should wait for a few seconds before they’re applied. Dealing with debuff and buffs is easy! You’ll unlock them as you progress in the gameplay, thus giving you an extra way to defeat your adversaries.

You should note that each time you engage in a battle or upgrade your troops, you’ll need treasures. This is one of the crucial elements that you’ll need when playing the game.

If you want to acquire more treasures, you should participate in daily challenges and participate in battling other users! Just ensure that your beasts are strong. You can even outraise them by using the marketplace where there are numerous items for sale such as gems and coins.

Engage in Fierce Campaigns

While you’ll be able to create your army and compete with other players, the game also offers campaigns. Simply ensure that you complete all the tasks assigned. Some tasks such as the animal revolt battle simulator race will be fun as you target to outshine your competition!

You can also unlock powerful creatures such as the animal revolt battle simulator Goro. Ensure that you study your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them to bring them down.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Free Download 

If you want to enjoy better gameplay with enhanced features, you should download Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MODs. It offers the following features:

  • Animal revolt battle simulator mod apk unlimited money. The game allows you to have all the money you need to buy sophisticated weapons. As such, you’ll enjoy the gameplay with no restrictions right from the beginning.
  • Animal revolt battle simulator unblocked. When using the modded version of the game, you can enjoy all the premium features of the game. You’ll have access to all levels and enjoy a superior user interface.
  • Animal revolt battle simulator mod apk unlimited gold. This version of the game is unrestricted. You’ll not need to work hard or win battles to earn your gold. It’ll all be available at your disposal.


If you love challenging battles, then you’ll enjoy playing Animal Revolt Battle Simulator. You’ll be required to create the perfect army that can stand tall against all odds.

With the campaigns and daily tasks, you should never miss out on anything! It has super cool graphics, thus giving you a memorable gameplay experience.

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