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The FPS genre has been popular before even mobile games existed. If you remember, games like Doom, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and many more have been the most popular ones. But since people today have moved on from classic FPS to battle royale, the FPS genre is slowly dying. However, that is all changing as many unique FPS are still coming out. For instance, Tacticool is one of the coolest-looking games today that features many unique tools.


One of its most prominent features is the all-new look which allows you to see things in the 3rd person point of view. Instead of the usual, here you can see from the top and you can aim easily. This makes it a game better-suited for mobile as evidenced by the awards that this game has gotten over the years. Here, you can play against real users in 5v5 combat complete with voice chat, clans and a ranking system. Enjoy various weapons, skins and many emotions today.

An Addictive FPS

What games are you into today? Nowadays, mobile games have become so advanced that they literally look like PC/console games. There are so many games today that we can compare with PC games right now. Because of this, a lot of people have more access to games that they can play whenever they want. FPS games have also become more prominent as devices have become so advanced. But if you’re tired of playing and seeing battle royale games everywhere, it’s time to download Tacticool!


This awesome FPS game has everything you need for an enjoyable time right now. It features a third-person view that allows you to see things beyond the wall and other areas. This game also features exciting graphics, realistic physics, and objects that you can interact with in the map. Moreover, you can fight with real opponents in 5v5 matches complete with in-game voice chats and many more. Now, you can experience FPS as it’s really intended!

Here, you can dive into the world of FPS and enjoy many weapons, cool items, costumes and emotions. You can also participate in the Zombie event where you’ll need to eliminate as many zombies as needed.

Highlights of Tacticool

If you’re a hardcore FPS gamer, you’ll need Tacticool to provide you with the coolest gameplay today! Enjoy all of these features now.

The Ultimate FPS – There are a lot of FPS games that you can enjoy right now. FPS has become hotter today thanks to battle royale games that have been popping up here and there. With these games today, you can enjoy playing with numerous players in one match and encounter many guns. But if you’re missing a unique FPS gameplay today, then you’ll need to download Tacticool now. This is a game that lets you enjoy a third-person POV combat game!


Here, you can go against real players in 5v5 matches as you can enjoy real physics, explosions and many weapons. Unlock plenty of cool weapons like shotguns, rifles, machine guns, melee, pistols, grenades, C4, RPG, tactical shield and more. You can also enjoy the Special Zombie Event where you can play as a team and eliminate all of the zombies to survive. Here, you can fight with friends and enjoy going against zombies scattered around the map.

5V5 Combat – The classic FPS games back in the day only featured up to 10 players on a match. Today, battle royale games allows you to play with 99 other people in a match to the death. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes it’s better to have as less people as possible. In Tacticool, you can enjoy 5v5 matches where you can play with your teammates and fight others. Here, you need to score the most kills at the end to win the match!


Exciting Weapons – You can also enjoy a lot of weapons today in the game. Here, you’ll equip a primary weapon, secondary, special and mods. Here, you can get machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, pistols, melee, grenades, C4, mine, RPG, Taser, Tactical Shield, Landau Emitter, Missile Defense and more. There are plenty of weapons you can equip right now as you enjoy different costumes as well. Enjoy plenty of emotions and different loadouts now!

Realistic Graphics – This game features impressive graphics that will wow you. Here, the players, the weapons, and the map looks and feels real. You can walk and run in any direction as well as shoot easily thanks to the aiming system.

Zombie Mode – If you want to enjoy killing zombies, participate in the zombie mode today with your friends! Kill as many zombies and get rewards.

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