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High heeled shoes are a symbol of professionalism in the world. Women use these shoes in different scenarios such as parties, business meetings, work, ramps and more. But if you think walking in them is hard enough, wait till you play High Heels! Here, you will walk on top of buildings on high heels with obstacles on the way and you can wear multiple high-heels!

With more than a hundred thousand downloads, this game created by Rollic Games challenges players! Test your high-heel walking skills and see if you can earn a lot and complete the levels. The more high heels you retain at the finish line, the more rewards you can earn. Can you keep your balance and win?

Overcome Obstacles in Style

Women wear high heels in a lot of occasions. Some wear it for work all the time. While others only wear it on special occasions such as parties, meetings, modelling jobs and more. But whatever the occasion is, high heels are hard to use. This is a common knowledge among people all over the world. But what if there was a game that simulates the use of high heels?

And what if that game takes this into a much more difficult level. In High Heels, you’re going to walk on top of a building surrounded by obstacles. There are different cubes in the buildings and you’ll even walk on a steel beam across buildings wearing high heels! If you think this is difficult, try wearing a lot of them at once! The more high heels and diamonds you collect, the more you can earn money. Are you up for a stupid yet fun challenge today? Download High Heels now…

Features of High Heels

Who likes to high heels and buildings? If you do, then you’re a courageous player. Here, a woman’s worst nightmare comes true! Overcome different challenges using high heels now.

A lot of levels to overcome – If you think high heels are already difficult to walk into as it is, then you haven’t tried playing High Heels. Here, the challenge is on a whole another level! Firstly, you’re going to be walking on top of buildings. If that’s not difficult enough, then there are obstacles blocking your path every so often. Then, there’s the challenge of going across buildings with nothing but steel beams. Obviously, this game isn’t for the faint-hearted but it provides a lot of enjoyment!

Collect high heels and diamonds – In this game, all you need to do is to collect as much high heels as you can. But be careful as the obstacles will take away your high heels as you go past them. But the rule is that the more high heels you have left at the finish line, the more you can earn. If you have enough high heels by the finish line, you can even walk through a ramp and you’ll be celebrated by a cheering audience.

Different models and colors – Unlock different models and colors in High Heels. There are a lot of different types of high heels such as boot heels, rainbow heels, shiny heels, colorful heels and heels with wings. Equip them and show everyone your modelling skills while avoiding disasters!

Unlock different things – As you earn more diamonds, you can unlock more things such as necklaces, buckles, bags and angel wings. There are so many things you can unlock in this game now. 

Realistic graphics – The feeling of walking in a tightrope is realistically demonstrated in High Heels. You’ll feel as if you’re really thousands of meters up in the ground and walking in high heels!

Download High Heels Mod APK – Latest version

Want to challenge yourself wearing high heels? Download High Heels now and walk like a real queen!

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