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Do you like running and obstacle games? If so, then you’ve obviously played a lot of them before. But right now, the trend is in unique running games that’s filled with obstacle courses. In this game by TapNation, you’ll play a game wherein you’ll become a giant the more avatars you consume. But the challenge doesn’t stop there! There are plenty of obstacles that you must overcome as well.

In this game, you’ll start as an avatar with a random color. Then, you will run through an obstacle course filled with different avatars with different colors. You must combine with avatars that have the same color as you so you can become as big as possible. If you run into a different colored-avatar, you’ll shrink in size. Then at the end, you’ll face off against a giant. The bigger you are, the more rewards you can get!

Incredibly Fun Obstacle Game

There are numerous obstacle courses that are rampant and popular today. These include games such as High Heels and more. These running action games are the new trend today as they offer unique gameplays and mechanics. Although they are all similar in play style, this doesn’t stop you from enjoying every single one of them. So, if you’re looking for one today, you must play Giant Rush.

This one is unique since it introduces a color-based running action game that you can enjoy. Here, you will start of as a normal-sized human who must run through a course. There will be different types of courses that you’ll run into but they all have avatars scattered. These avatars have different colors and you must consume the ones that have the same color as you. You may change colors when you encounter a light that allows you to change so. If you run into the same-colored avatars, you’ll grow into a huge avatar. If not, you’ll lose some of your size. The, you must avoid different obstacles such as walls, spikes and many more.

Are you looking to enjoy a running game with a unique concept? Perhaps, you should play Giant Rush today. This is a game where you’ll grow into a giant and run an obstacle course.

A Running Game – At this time, there have been plenty of running action games that were published. Yet, the trend doesn’t die yet as more are being created. One of the most recent ones to be published is Giant Rush. This is a fun action game where you will run through an obstacle course with one goal in mind – to become as big as you can! To do this, you first need to absorb every same-colored avatar you’ll run across. But be careful as you can change colors and there are different obstacles on the way as well. Be quick and rely on your reflexes so you can become as huge as possible.

Go through different levels – Like every running game, you’ll start off as a little avatar and eventually grow into a huge one. But the game isn’t as easy as that – you’ll run through many hardships on the way. One of the main difficulties you’ll face is the fact that you must consume and avoid avatars. Depending on their color, you may become big or shrink in size. So, you must be fast as you also avoid plenty of dangerous obstacles in the way such as walls and spikes.

Unlock items in the shop – Giant Rush is a game where you can collect different hats. As you collect more gems, you get the chance to unlock more items. There are different hats available such as a police hat, a cowboy hat, an Irish hat and more. You’ll also get to play in bonus levels where you’ll need to collect as much gems as you can! Then at the end of every level, you’ll fight against a giant. The bigger you are, the farther you can kick the giant away so you can get more rewards.

Exciting graphics – Like most runner games today, this game presents a 3D obstacle course game like no other. Enjoy a physics-based game with a lot of well-designed obstacles.

Download Giant Rush Mod APK – Latest version

Can you become a giant in this fun-filled game? Download Giant Rush now and consume same-colored avatars and finish the obstacle courses.

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