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Es Dosya Yöneticisi APK

Es Dosya Yöneticisi APK (Premium Unlocked) is a super new and pimped-up file manager for your mobile device. With this application, you will have features such as deleting and moving files. You can delete residual files from erased applications and archive and compress files and individual documents. And there’s also the ability to access files on your computer, where you can back them up. Finally, there is the ability to manage the data available on your smartphone via the Bluetooth system and many other interesting features that instantly make your android more perfect.

es dosya yöneticisi apk pro

The program ES File Explorer mod apk is the best of its kind file manager translated into Russian. Its distinctive feature is the frantic functionality when working with data, such as copying, moving via Bluetooth, cleaning, etc. There are five separate tabs available in the program, and you can enable or disable their display in the application options. In the ” PDA tab,” the user can perform various operations with the smartphone’s memory card data. In the “LAN” directory, one can create his server or enable network scanning, and in the directory called “FTP,” one can create SFTP, FTPS, or WebDAV connections. In the directory “Bluetooth,” it will be possible to enable scanning of other devices. In the default mode, this tab will be hidden. To display it, you will need to change the settings in the Bluetooth department. The last tab, called “Network,” creates a network in dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync s3, and Yandex.

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Entering the file manager, or its control panel, you will see the entire list of installed programs. Here, you can select a separate category of programs, sort alphabetically, erase, restore to the original view, and create a backup of applications.

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es dosya yöneticisi apk mod
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ES File Explorer pro features:

es dosya yöneticisi apk full

  • Change the background design, background image, folder view, appearance of files and shortcuts, size of available icons, sorting by name, format, creation date, frequency of entry and exit, or in any order;
  • es dosya yöneticisi apk android oyun club

  • hide the necessary tabs, key captions on the control panel, as well as (clock, battery charge, received signal power);
  • Change the date, time, and many records in the history, and create a home folder for copying, images, downloading, and sharing. You can change the explorer and the list of hidden data, as well as limit network access;
  • es dosya yöneticisi apkmirror

  • Enable or disable the fast scrolling format, visual effects, display of mini pictures in the directory, hidden or system data, data on the address bar about the available memory size, complete clearing of the cache and history on leaving the application, system notification about operations with files, automatic copying of programs to be deleted, automatic reading of system files.
  • es dosya yöneticisi apk android tv

  • Erase temporary data from the smartphone memory and return to the default settings;
  • Manage hidden system files;
  • es dosya yöneticisi apk 2022

  • Configure remote access to the smartphone via FTP servers.
  • es dosya yöneticisi apk mod

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