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Driving School 2016 APK

Driving School 2016 APK – we present you with a quality driving simulator for various vehicles. In which you can learn the rules of the road. If you are going to take on your driving license, this car simulator can be handy for you. It will help you memorize basic traffic rules very quickly.

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You will be given three-game modes – career, free riding, and multiplayer. Career mode involves different missions’ performance; mainly, they consist of the enforcement of traffic rules. Well, if you break any of the rules – the mission is a failure, go again. In the multiplayer, you can drive along with other similar fans of driving simulators.

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You will be able to learn how to drive in various vehicles, to your use is provided with a considerable number of cars. These will be SUVs, expensive Italian sports cars, ordinary sedans, trucks, and even buses. Each vehicle will have different behavior on the road.

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You will noticeably feel the weight of the car and its engine power. You will have to change the speed, turn on the low beam, high beam, turn on the turn signals, and much more.

Driving School 2016 APK
Driving School 2016 APK indir

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The graphics in the game are quite acceptable. All cars are very well-designed and look quite realistic. Of course, cars are not licensed, but you will quickly recognize the famous car brands in them.

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Download the game Driving School 2016 mod apk you can on our website for free! Have a nice day and pleasant moments in the game.

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